Ink Pen Heaven: Day 8

Well, this morning I took a 40% off coupon with me to Michael’s and lo and behold, they had their ink shelf stocked with Higgins Ink!  I got a bottle of Black Magic — an “Intense semi-flat black finish produces the most opacity available… Blends with Higgins Pigmented Inks.”

It works beautifully with my crow quill pen nib — fine lines without gooping up.  And black, black, black.  I really put it to the test too — drawing over artist paint crayon and oil pastel.













To me it looks like winter sunset or maybe the woods after a fire goes past and it is still raging.  It will probably end up on a journal page in the future.  It’s drawn on 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″  light cardstock.

I’ll save my India ink for coarser nibs that can handle its thickness and produce thicker lines.  But for detail black, this is the best!