Flip Flap Journal Assembled

The bound and titled journal

















It’s taken a couple of weeks to just sit down and do the binding as described in LK Ludwig’s tutorial, but it’s finally done.  The advantages of the binding are its sturdiness and that the pages do truly lie flat.  The disadvantages (to me) were how long it took and the tediousness of working with the outside cords.  I may try a coptic binding on the next one.  And I do strongly believe there will be a next one — the free, sturdy material for a wide format greatly appeals.

“Unfolding Worlds” seemed an appropriate title to spur creativity on those three and four page spreads!  I’ll have a number of single and double pages to play with too, just to break it up. Should be fun.


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  1. i enjoyed seeing you “flip-flap!” and kinda sad to hear it was a bit trying for you… i love LK and was really inspired by her video.. I bought the cord and cheap-o dental floss, just didn’t get the paint brochures yet. Any tips? (I’ll friend you on fb) 😀

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