Square-foot Art

I’ve been busy with some larger pieces the last couple of weeks. I’m participating in the All-Canadian Jazz Festival’s Square Foot Art Show in Port Hope, Ontario this weekend, Sept 24 and 25. Here’s quick shots of the three pieces I did and I hope to deliver today:

Future posts will deal with the making of each piece.


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  1. This is great work Anne,and quite strange that you should do a memorial piece as I have a fascination with Graveyards and have vivid memories of one in particular I saw in Peterborough.

  2. The memorial piece was triggered by a road-side memorial as I walked from Neekaunis Rd to Waubaushene up by Georgian Bay. Then just the road was a Roman Catholic cemetary with all these graves done with little gardens, solar lights, and statues. Lots of photos and lots of cutting to make the piece!

    The Little Lake Cemetary is quite renowned here, with enough stories for a ghost walk, which I’ve never done. I’ve bicycled through part of the cemetary, but never done a photo session in it.

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