Square Foot Art: Memorials



This piece was inspired by actual memorials I saw in Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada. I was staying at the Neekaunis Quaker Camp and went walking down the highway one second morning I was there.  I saw a roadside memorial to a young teenager named Benny and further down the road I encountered the Roman Catholic cemetery.  It had a large variety of memorials and the flamboyance of the sculpture/plant gardens in front or around some of them was quite striking.

The next morning I went out with my camera and took well over a 1o0 photos.  When I got home, I selected the ones I wanted to use, cropped as desired in GIMP, and created sheets with the photos sized as I wanted in Inkscape. I printed the sheets with a laser colour printer for later cutting.  Hand-cutting was actually less laborious than creating transparency around the bits I wanted in GIMP.  Besides, some cutting plans changed as I built up the piece.  I also like the tactile feel of actual paper layers.

The cemetery itself was still quite green and I tried to capture than in the background of sponged acryllic.  Touches of diazine violet here add a somber note.  I began to lay down pieces before final gluing, I decided to add the sky blue to the top.  I also moved all the crosses there.  The central one is a massive hand-carved piece with its height there proportionately portrayed here.


About wander2home

I'm retired from "real work" -- but I've found some real work in the art that I do.

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