I’m using this blog to record some of my artistic process/progress and display some of the results.  I am an mixed media artist working mainly with paper, ink, aquarelle and acrylic.  The majority of my work is in art journals,  which I will often write about here.

Art journalling has unleashed creativity and expression that I’ve not seen in myself since I was a child.  I liked to draw then, and sometimes it was good.  As I grew older, it got staler, more staid.  I wasn’t at play, I was trying to satisfy some standard I dimly perceived “out there”.

My journals will be varied and works of art in themselves.  I suppose I could sell one.  I suppose someone could pay me $1000 for it.

So it ain’t about making a living,  but living…


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  1. Hi Anne,
    I just got home from a 2 week vacation and was thrilled to find your prayer flag waiting for me. It’s wonderful. I love the quote especially since I love walking in my bare feet.

    Thank you so much. This was my 1st exchange with the Milliande Art Community and I’m thrilled. So much fun, so many new friends!

    Merrie Jo Schroeder
    Port Angeles, WA

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