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Flip Flap Journal Assembled

The bound and titled journal

















It’s taken a couple of weeks to just sit down and do the binding as described in LK Ludwig’s tutorial, but it’s finally done.  The advantages of the binding are its sturdiness and that the pages do truly lie flat.  The disadvantages (to me) were how long it took and the tediousness of working with the outside cords.  I may try a coptic binding on the next one.  And I do strongly believe there will be a next one — the free, sturdy material for a wide format greatly appeals.

“Unfolding Worlds” seemed an appropriate title to spur creativity on those three and four page spreads!  I’ll have a number of single and double pages to play with too, just to break it up. Should be fun.


Future Altered Books…

This past Friday I went to the library, not so much to borrow any books, but to look over the 25-cent shelves that the Friends of the Library run to “pre-remainder” some of the books that get donated to their twice-a-year gigantic book sales.

And this is what I found for my loonie coin (one Canadian dollar)…

Old Canada descriptive atlas in French

I might make an altered book out it.  The old maps would certainly make lovely backgrounds.  But there are a lot of old black-and-white photos I might like to use in other artwork.  Luckily, I don’t have to decide right away!

A book about Austria










I liked the weight of the paper in this book, but it really buckled badly when I tried to gesso it.  It has a lot of great coloured pictures so it will become fodder for other artwork.















This book will be more successful as an altered book.  It has cardboard pages.  First I’ll use to actually teach someone how to tell time.  It has twenty-four pages and I like the spiral binding — I’ll be able to play with a little bit of 3-D stuff on the pages.






This book was a real find:  cloth cover and real signatures!  It lies flat nicely.  The paper is light, so I’m gluing the pages together in twos with gesso (the bucket I have at $20/gallon is cheaper to use than matte gel medium).


The Teesha Moore Inspiration Distraction

It started out innocently enough:  an art journal prompt issued by Milliande on creating a page inspired by Teesha Moore’s style.  So I viewed her technique videos and did the following page:






















Then I did two more:






































Did I stop there?  No.  I picked up an old Harper’s Bazaar (Spring 2010 — the big fashion issue!) at the 25-cent shelf of the library and found a bunch of vintage images I wanted to play with and completed four more.  I got four more on the go and pages painted for maybe three more — all in my Explore journal — which is the point of it.  But, oh my, the paths the pursuit of artistic impression take us down!

I love the style because I can let my image and colour imagination run wild and indulge in some tongue-in-cheek humour.  Gallery posting of all the Teesha-Moore-style pages in another week or two…

Colours Rampant on a Field of Text Gallery

A Completed Altered Book Journal

This is the first altered book journal that I’ve made.  It seemed daunting when I started it near the end of April.  Now it’s all full in mid-June and it doesn’t feel so daunting.

Very few pages were done in one sitting.  I’d often start several pages in an art session, then let them dry and let ideas percolate overnight or over several days.  If I was stymied on a particular stage, I’d simply start another or two or three and return to it later.

The book I used is relatively old.  It was published in the 1930’s and had lovely thick paper that had aged well without deteriorating.  I did find that only black gesso successfully covered the text in one coat.  Text showed through my white gesso and the high-quality natural white housepaint I’ve used in lieu of gesso other times.  Then I decided to go with it — I wanted to do all sorts of colour experiments and I didn’t really care if the text showed through.  If I wanted to totally obscure it I could, with multiply layers of background or collage. The title of the journal became “Colours Rampant on a Field of Text“.

The raw paper was very absorbent of ink — causing blurry lines.  I really did have to seal the paper with gesso, acrylic paint, or matte acrylic medium.  After that,  I could play with ink all I wanted.

Once I figure out how to do a gallery,  I’ll post one for the journal.  But here’s a sample page:

Left: playing with lines and text Right: a page on music