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Cards Done At Camp

This is the third year that I’ve gone to a camp for seniors and the first that I ran an art table at it.  A few participated and that was fun.  What really satisfied me, though, was making cards to send to past attenders who were not able to make it to camp this year.  


The materials were very simple:  a pack of small cardstock from Dollarama, a pad of good quality drawing paper from Michael’s,  cutouts from a beautiful bird calender as well as things I had printed up, a fine-line pen, and acrylic paints and watercolour pencils for background.  I used acrylic paints on eraser stamps for some backgrounds too.  And I slipped in some pages from an old pocket dictionary… 




Symbolism Matchboxes

This is an art swap I’m participating in at the Milliande site.  We’re to decorate matchboxes with symbols we frequently use/encounter.  I chose to go with a couple of symbols that resonate for me personally and in my art work.

Wander Home matchbox

I saw this southwest US pictograph in a book on rock symbols and it really resonated with me.  It represents leaving a settled place and eventually founding another.   That speaks to me of the artistic endeavor.

Wander Home symbol MatchboxI used the frugal artist’s modelling paste — spackle — to cover the matchbox sleeve,  scribing the pictograph in it.  Once it was dry, I painted it with walnut ink.  Then I used aquarelle crayons to add a couple of more touches of colour to the base.

I used copper acrylic paint in the pictograph and once it was dry I brushed on a few highlights in gold around the symbol and on high points of the sleeve texture.

The box part is painted with copper acylic on the outside ends and inside sides and ends.  The outside sides are done in alarzin crimson acrylic combined with a touch of gold ink.  The inside bottom is a natural white acrylic and I wrote up the meaning of the symbol there in red ink.

The pendent is copper wire with a couple of blue glass beads secured to it on a nylon cord.

Flaming Heart matchbox

I first encountered this symbol when visiting Santa Fe in New Mexico.  Later I saw some of Marion Martinez‘s work recycling discarded circuit boards into corazon pins at the Spanish Market at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.  It represents passion, love, gratitude, healing, and the never-ending spirit.  Isn’t that what life should be full of?

Flaming heart matchbox I made the flaming heart base out of three layers of craft foam: first layer is the flames, second layer is the main heart, and the third layer is the raised heart.  I covered it and the rest of the sleeve with my modelling paste.  Once it was dry, I lightly ran some yellow and light brown aquarelle crayon over  the areas off the heart and then light brushed it with water to get the sunny stucco colour.  The flames I did in a bright yellow acrylic with a hint of red; then I highlighted with brushed-on gold ink.  The heart was done with alarzin crimson mixed with natural white and then more of the crimson with less white and a touch of gold ink.

The box was done with paint leftovers from the symbol, and I wrote the symbol description on the inside bottom.

The heart pendent is formed from copper wire, wound with purple coated wire.  The flames are a dusky gold coated wire.  I secured a red heart sequin to the middle front with fine gold-coloured wire.  It hangs from a nylon cord.

A Profiles in Courage altered book

I regularly visit the public library here in town to check out there 25-cent book shelves in the lobby. I’m looking for books I can make into journals or altered books. Sometimes I bring home a book to read. In another week I’ll bring it back to their donation bin.

Yesterday I had an accumulation of summer reading books for their donation bin. After I dropped them off, I perused the 25-cent shelves and found a Memorial version of Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy printed in 1965. The book had a sturdy cover, decent weight paper with some ageing, and a sewn binding. At 277 pages, I knew I’d be gluing the pages together before journaling on them!

Thinking about it more, I decided to convert into a segmented altered book with the center cut out of 10-sheet segments, each with a backing of 3 glued together pages. This would give me a good backing and depth space for some three-dimensional stuff. I’d give each segment its own edge colouring as I created it. Each segment would be dedicated to an actual person I know who shows a profile of courage to me. It may well take me years to fill out the book — but I do have some lifetime to play with.

I started it this morning.

It begins…

This is the logo I want:

This is a Southwest Native American pictograph.  The circular spiral indicates migration from an existing home (village) and the square spiral indicates the establishment of a new home (village).

Isn’t that what we do in life?  We wander from where we are until we settle somewhere we feel at home — until the urge to migrate/change/wander strikes us again.